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Biz Timesheet Manager

Track and invoice the time and expenses spent by your employees on your projects, jobs, contracts, etc.
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3 May 2011

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It is said that ‘time’ probably is the only resource which is absolutely non-renewable. Nothing that has been done yesterday can be amended today at any cost. Like the clock hands keep ticking with every passing second, so does the opportunity that we get with the rise of each new day and as some of the great thinkers advocate; time management is an art only a few can practice but preached by many. Moreover, as children, we were encouraged to make time-tables to manage our studies and devote equal importance to all subjects an score well in all at the end. These time tables have grown into a software like Biz Timesheet Manager 3.0.354 to manage the time of employees instead of children; albeit the purpose remaining the same.

The Biz Timesheet Manager 3.0.354 sports an intuitive design that is easily customizable and the application can be learnt by managers within minutes and setup to check the time taken by the employees to complete a particular task. Its user friendly interface allows recording of project categories with minimum bother to the worker and provides maximum control to the employer. It is possible to set up different category codes for each project; i.e. employers can select any random category like Human Resource and define codes underneath like job requests, interview schedules and meetings etc. This systemization of time schedule will assist in yielding maximum productivity and offer ample scope for performance appraisal and meeting deadlines. The reports can be kept as printouts and saved for future references as well.

Biz Timesheet Manager 3.0.354 comes across as an effective resolution for the employers to track the employees and increase the productivity in the organization. The application earns a score of three rating points for its overall ease of use and its accurate monitoring of activities.

Publisher's description

Track and invoice the time and expenses spent by your employees on your projects, jobs, contracts, etc. Easy to use and affordable. All your employees will learn to use this program within a couple of minutes only.
No need for your employees to fill out time sheets by hand. Everything is now done automatically. You create your projects (jobs, service requests, internal tasks, administration, or any other sort of work) and your employees fill out their own time sheets directly on-screen - that's all there is to it!
A GENUINELY easy-to-use interface for all your employees. It will only take your employees one or two minutes each day to complete a normal time sheet (about 4 entries), so they won't lose any time in comparison to recording it on paper the traditional way.
You will have real-time access to labor time and costs for your projects. In just a few clicks you'll know just where you are. How long has been spent on a project? Who has worked on it? When? What do labor costs add up to so far? etc.
You can create your own project categories. For instance, you can create a special category for "S - Service requests" projects, one for "AD - Administration", one for "P - Long-term projects", another for "RD - Research and Development ", and so on. One advantage of such categories is that employees can easily find the project they are looking for when filling out their time sheet. And it means it is easier for you to check data and reports.
You can set up a series of different activity codes for each project category. For each project category you can create up to 30 different activity codes. Your employees select the activity code when creating their time sheet. For example, for the "Administration" project category, the activities codes could be: "Filing", "Invoicing", "Payroll", "Meeting". For the "Service requests" project category the codes could be for: "Travel", "Telephone support", "On-site support ", and so on.
Biz Timesheet Manager
Biz Timesheet Manager
Version 3.0
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